MBAIM students on a visit with Breton entrepreneurs

MBAIM students on a visit with Breton entrepreneurs

On November 10, our international group of MBAIM (Master of Business Administration in International Management) students met the team of L’Eclozr, an innovation hub for companies, in Rennes.  A fruitful exchange emerged from this meeting with several entrepreneurs: Vincent JAUNEAU,  Frankie Alson,  Robin Collet and Romain Bovyn,

Thank you to the l’Eclozr team for hosting this meeting, and giving the opportunity for our students to observe the projects developed by Breton entrepreneurs throughout the academic year!

Dr. Laura Sabbado Da Rosa regularly organizes meetings, conferences and company visits for the benefit of the students of the MBAIM, a good opportunity for students from around the world to have a better grasp of French and Breton companies.

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