Finance your studies

IGR-IAE Rennes is the University of Rennes' School of Management. Students benefit of its public university status, securing affordable tuition fees. However, when planning for your study in France project, it is important to understand the tuition fee, plan a budget and be aware of all the financial help you may apply for.

Finance your studies

1. Fee Structure - Master Programs

Our four Masters taught in English are organized differently. The Master of Finance – Advanced Studies and Research in Finance is a Master 2 program, while the three other programs are 2-year Masters (18 months+ a 4 to 6-month internship). Details of the fees are explained below. 
In any case, the following expenses are not included in this tuition fee: 

  • 100 € for CVEC tax (Student and Campus Life Contribution)
  • Accomodation, living and transport expenses.

Master of Finance
Advanced Studies and Research in Finance

Tuition fee for the academic year 2023-2024 is 6,990 € for English-speaking non-UE students / 6,283 € for English-speaking UE students. 

French students and international French-speaking students are welcome to contact us for more information on the fee and specific French language requirements applicable to their situation.

Included in this fee: 

  • regular Master fees (950 €) for non-UE students / 243 € for UE students
  • specific training fees for this program taught in English, including lectures taught in English, specific seminars with international professors, specific tutoring and 240 hours of French as a foreign language.

Master Accounting and Auditing, MBAIM, Master IHRM:

Overall tuition fee for the program is 9,500 €, spread as follows over the two academic years:

  • 5,750 € for the 1st year of the program,
  • 3,750 € for the 2nd year of the program.


The fee covers the specific training fees for this program taught in English, including lectures taught in English, specific seminars with international professors, specific tutoring and 250 hours of French as a foreign language.

2. Budget

In order to be able to study serenely and get the most out of their study experience in Rennes, France, we advise students to plan carefully their budget in advance and be conscious of the full cost of their study project in Rennes. That way, once in France, they will not have to worry as much about their finances.

Although studying in Rennes is cheaper than in Paris, and although each student has his/her own lifestyle, it is important to consider all the hidden expenses. For instance, upon arrival you may have to buy kitchenware, bed linens… which will add up with all the expenses you will have to face during your first month in France : 


Temporary housing, if you have not found a permanent accommodation yet

Security deposit for your housing

Visa validation fee

Additional health insurance (mutuelle) and accommodation insurance

Sports registration

Bus pass if you pay the year bus pass up front

Internet connection access (if not included in the student residence rent)

Cell phone

In case you expect to receive a scholarship, be also aware that the payment may take several weeks. Also, the CAF benefit application may take several weeks to be validated and the first payment to be effective

Moreover, here is a list of major and unavoidable expenses throughout the year which should help you get organized before your arrival: 

Average monthly rent for a single room in a CROUS-run university residence: €275/month

room deposit for a university room: €255 

housing insurance with third-party liability (mandatory): approx. €60 €/year

average meal at the university restaurants and cafeterias: €3.25/meal 

monthly unlimited bus and subway pass (under 26): approx. €30/month

basic university supplies : approx. €150/year 

basic private healthcare company : from 5 to 36 € / month depending on the refund rate.  

Internet connection: 20 €/month

These are basic expenses. The list does not include cultural and recreational expenses (concerts, transportation…) and students’ general entertainment

For a more specific breakdown of expenses in Rennes, check the Numbeo website or the Campus France website.

So, keep all the above in mind and take your time to research your financing options, plan your budget and apply to any scholarships and grants you may be eligible for!

3. Scholarships

As part of a French public university, IGR-IAE Rennes does not directly grant scholarships. 

However the dedicated staff will accompany you in your search for financial support. 

General information on all the existing scholarships and grants can be found on the Campus France website or on the French Government website. 


Scholarships awarded by French Embassies

Most French embassies offer scholarships for students accepted in programs in France.

These scholarships, based on academic excellence, are awarded by the Cooperation and Cultural Action Departments (SCAC) of the French embassies or consulates abroad.

We advise students to contact the SCAC in their country well in advance in order to have as much information as possible and get admittance in our programs in order to apply for the scholarship.

Eiffel Excellence Scholarship

The Eiffel Excellence Scholarship Program is established by the French Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs to enable French higher education institutions to attract top foreign students to enrol in their masters and PhD programs.

" Eiffel Scholarship was really my life insurance during the time I studied in France. By having financial support and assistance from Campus France, I completely focused on studying and researching. Over the holidays, I traveled not only around France but around Europe too, which granted me some insight into the European culture. "

For Indian students: Legrand/UGAM

The UGAM Legrand Scholarship program is established in association with the Franco-Indian Education Trust as part of the CSR initiative and with the support of the French Embassy in India. Through this scholarship program, Legrand and the Trust aim to promote qualitative education to Indian students by assisting them to pursue  their Masters in France. Recipients of the scholarship receive tuition fee reimbursement + living expenses up to 7,500 € for the academic period, financed by Legrand Group India. Other advantages are offered by the French Embassy in India.
In order to apply students must be accepted in one of the Masters in English. Applications are submitted directly by IGR-IAE.

Foundation UR1

The foundation of the Université de Rennes offers a scholarship to students applying for Research Masters. 
This scholarship consists of a mobility allowance (4000 €) and a travel allowance (1000 €)
to help international students settle in Rennes for their study project. 

Scholarship search engine

Depending on your country of origin, you may find various funding possibilities on the search engine below

Other social assistance and benefits

Most students can qualify for accommodation benefits given by the CAF (Caisse d’Allocations Familiales). Updated information is given upon students’ arrival in September with the help of CAF staff and of the CMI. Information on the application process and conditions HERE.
Being a student in France provides various discounts or specific offers (Culture, travel, health…).



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