Course Offer

Whether you are an Erasmus+ student or you come from a university outside Europe, whether you speak French or English, whether you come to IGR-IAE Rennes for a semester, a year or study in a double degree program, you will find here all the information you need depending on your situation and your study project.


General information on course choice

If you are selected for an exchange, make sure that you have at least a B2 level in:

  • English, both written and oral, to take part in the courses that are taught in English;
  • French , both written and oral, to take part in the courses that are taught in French.

Courses are intended for exchange students who have completed at least two years of studies at their home university.

Please note that exchange students cannot attain a final degree at the Université de Rennes unless there is a specific double degree partnership with their home university.

When cooperation agreements are concluded by subject area, department or faculty, learning agreements can be drawn up within different faculties as long as timetables are compatible.

Cours en français


Vous souhaitez étudier en échange à l’IGR-IAE Rennes pour un séjour d’études en français d’un semestre ou d’un an ?

Double degrees


IGR-IAE Rennes has signed double degree agreements with four universities, in Germany, Canada, China and the USA.

Courses in English

IGR-IAE Rennes offers a full program for non-French speaking exchange students selected by their home universities.


Being an exchange student for one semester or a year is a transformative experience. For some of our incoming students, their stay in Rennes is their first time abroad. Whether they come from China, the United States, Spain or Georgia, they discover, a new environment, new ways of studying, meet new friends, but they also learn something about themselves…
We love to hear what they have to say at the end of their stay.



Incoming exchange students coordinator

Tél. +33 2 23 23 60 06


Laura Sabbado Da Rosa

Vice Dean for International Affairs