Welcome Exchange Students!

Each year, IGR-IAE Rennes welcomes 50 to 60 students from our 80 partner universities. IGR-IAE is happy and proud to host these students and guide them through their study project in our school. Each year, more than 50 nationalities are represented on our campus, bringing variety richness and an international outlook to our school.


Students from our partner universities enjoy the busy IGR-IAE student life and all the activities (sports, culture, leisure). Studying in Rennes can be a life-changing experience, thanks to the quality of life in this middle-sized city, where education, universities and schools are ever present. 

IGR-IAE Rennes is constantly making new  contacts in order  to extend the network of cooperating partner universities and maintaining close relations with existing partners

Exchange students are selected by their home universities. For information about exchange programs, agreements, admissions and applications, please contact the international studies coordinator at your home university.



Incoming exchange students coordinator

Tél. +33 2 23 23 60 06



Laura Sabbado Da Rosa

Vice Dean for International Affairs