Workshop with Ajinomoto at the French-Japanese Management Center

Workshop with Ajinomoto at the French-Japanese Management Center

The Japanese agro-food group Ajinomoto was present at the IGR-IAE Rennes, on Thursday June 24th, to propose a brainstorming session to the students of the M2 MAE parcours management des entreprises japonaises, with the participation of :

  • Yuka IINO, Business Creation Group
  • Ornella SILVA, Deputy Director, Strategy and M&A at Ajinomoto EMEA region

Ajinomoto is a global Japanese food company (, with its European regional headquarters in Paris. Founded in 1908, the company is now present on all continents, with more than 35,000 employees in over 35 countries and net sales of US$100 billion.

These brainstorming sessions aim to participate in the creation of new concepts and new ideas.
Ajinomoto’s ambition is to develop a long-term activity by mixing the concepts of sustainability, Japanese culture, nutrition and foodtech with their long-standing know-how, and to reach out to the younger generations who are sensitive to the new trends.

The fact that our CFJM students are experts in Japanese culture greatly contributed to the preparation of this workshop. Prior to the meeting, the students prepared the workshop by answering a marketing survey.

During this workshop, the students exchanged on the aspects of marketing, sales and development strategy keeping in line the development of new “Japanese” products for the European markets.

A warm thank you to Ms. Iino and Ms. Silva and to the Ajinomoto group for their valuable contribution and the exchanges they had with our students, who were delighted with this end-of-year highlight!

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