Your Summer School at IGR-IAE Rennes

Come and boost your career path by strengthening your skills and knowledge in Management with our summer school : "Challenges for Sustainable Management" course. From July 1st to July, 12th, 2024, take the opportunity to discover a new country and its culture while enjoying an international environment and a delightful, dynamic and surprising city.

If you are a student fully registered in 2023-2024 academic year at the following institutions, deadline is extended.
Available for Alliance EDUC & University of Rennes
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10-day course: "Challenges for Sustainable Management"

Managers are facing major challenges in an ever-changing world. Academics and practitioners have developed innovative solutions to transform these challenges into opportunities in this transition period.

Our Summer School dedicated to “Challenges for Sustainable Management” is the opportunity to deepen your understanding of the latest innovative solutions in different areas of management such as finance, human resources, supply chain, and more.

Join an international cohort for 10 inspirational days with our academics and practitioners to put theories and practices into perspective. You will be familiar with the latest initiatives and innovations to cope with and anticipate the evolution of tomorrow’s managers.

The summer school is also an opportunity to visit the beautiful city of Rennes that is the capital of the Brittany region and city of art and history. The adventure includes a tour to the must see Mont-Saint-Michel Bay which is referred to as “The wonder of the Western world.”

Four reasons to choose our short program - Challenges for Sustainable Management

Managerial innovation

Enjoy practical and hands-on courses to master the latest innovative management practices.

Social & Cultural interactions

Get full advantage of social, cultural or business excursions. During the field trips you will explore the reality of business practices.

Charming city

Discover a charming city. You will be guided during all your stay by friendly staff and students.

Research experts

Benefit from the most recent insights with research experts and leading practitioners with strong academic references.

Our Summer School Highlights

Get the chance to meet professionals and get a glimpse of their know-how from the marketing, innovation and strategic perspectives of business development. Last update below April, 2024.

Invited professor, from University of Cagliari

Ms. Yanina Rashkova from University of Cagliari, an Alliance EDUC member, she is PhD, Assistant Professor in Management and Humanities Department, and will give a online lecture on Mindful Organizing for Greater Social Inclusion. “We will explore how mindfulness, as a framework for developing individual and collective behavior, can foster more attentive and conscious organizational practices”.

Company visit at MAX SAUER SAS

As part of our Summer School, the participants will be visiting MAX SAUER SAS, a leading manufacturer of fine brushes and paint for professional artists. By combining some of the world’s leading brands (Raphaël, Isabey & Sennelier), the group is truly a major player in the world of Fine Arts. Its fundamental goal is to build a future where artistic fulfilment, human rights, environmental protection and economic growth go hand in hand.

Guest speakers

As part of this summer school, you will attend lectures and workshop.

An essential mission of IGR-IAE Rennes, research is among the major concerns of the teachers-researchers of the Institute. Research helps to ensure that students, management staff and doctoral students receive high-level education and up-to-date management innovations.

Social Activities

We prepared a fun but educational program  during this International Short Program.
After introduction to basic French language with entertaining crash courses, we will guide you through the city of Rennes, rich of its historical heritage (visit of the Opera-house, city Rally, e.g.). 

A one-day trip to the world famous Mont Saint Michel is under preparation.

Academic information

Credits & Details

Target student

Program Directors

Associate Professor in Innovation and entrepreneurship at the Graduate School of Management, IGR-IAE Rennes, of the University of Rennes

Dr. Souleymane LAMINOU-ABDOU
Associate Professor in Finance at the Graduate School of Management, IGR-IAE Rennes, of the University of Rennes

Amphi Champaud 1

Applications for the 2024 edition

 Our next session of our Summer School will start 2024, July 1st. Regular application deadline is set on May, 15th.

Application is till open for students from partner Universities and students registered in 2023-2024 at any institutions of the University of Rennes.

If you are a student fully registered in 2023-2024 academic year at the following institutions, deadline is extended

Alliance EDUC

If you are a students registered in one of the Universities member of the EDUC Alliance, the tuition fee is set to €995. Deadline to apply is May, 30th.

University of Rennes

If you are a student of University of Rennes in 2023-2024, the tuition fee is set to €500 (accommodation not included). Deadline to apply is June, 7th.

Course & accommodation fee: choose your plan

Plan fees will differ according to your housing preferences. We decided to offer special discount for Early birds applicants and students enrolled in one of our partner universities. For the latter, you can refer to your International Office desk in your University to check if both our Universities are partners.

Fee plan A - Accommodation included

€1 990 for 2-week program that includes full course, social program and accommodation in a University Residence.
€1592 for 2-week program (same as above)– 20%OFF discount applies to early bird applications submitted before 2024 April, 15.
€995 for 2-week program (same as above) – 50%OFF discount applies to students from partner Universities applying before 2024 April, 15.

Fee plan B - Accommodation booked on your own

 €1 490 for 2-week program that includes full course and social program (accommodation booked on your own).

Program fee includes:

  • Welcome party and farewell event
  • Course materials
  • PC labs and facilities
  • Company visits and excursions
  • Certificate of attendance and/or Transcript for students who passed the day-to-day assessment and final assignments

Fee does not include:

Travel expenses, food expenses,  insurance, visa procedures cost if applicable, room booking procedures and payment if you decide to choose private housing.

Short program - Practical information

In case participants need a visa to enter the European Schengen area, we offer you the assistance issuing the required invitation documents. Even short-term programme may imply visa application proceduresIf this is your case, we strongly recommend you to apply well ahead of time to make sure your visa will be issued in due time. 

All foreign students have to arrange their own health insurance, third-party liability insurance, travel, accommodation and baggage insurance. Adequate coverage for medical costs is essential. It is important to buy additional insurance in order to cover other risks, such as hospitalization. 

Upon arrival, you will be picked-up at the airport by a buddy using public transportation. This service will be available to those who send us their flight details in advance.  If we are not able to pick you up at the airport, we will provide you with all the information you need to get from there to your residence. The pick-up service is guaranteed on starting day.  Students arriving before that day will receive instructions about how to reach the accommodation from the airport or train station. 

A city transportation pass or single use ticket are available upon arrival at the train station and many different places.  Weekly pass is not mandatory because Rennes is a city easy to walk by.  

After class day, you will be free to enjoy day-to-day life in a secure and affordable city, the surrounding and countryside area.  For weekends, Paris, Mont-SaintMichel and sea sightseeing spots are only 45 minutes to 1.15 away from city center. 

A cafeteria is located on the ground floor of IGR-IAE, where you can get snacks, sandwiches and light meals. For €3.50, you can have a regular three-course meal at one of the University-run dining halls located next to IGR-IAE 

Students accommodated in the CROUS residences will be able to cook meals in the shared kitchens located on each floor of the buildings.  You will find restaurants and eateries of all kinds with varied foods, including the famous Breton “galettes” and “crêpes”.  

The cost of everyday life, in Rennes is cheaper than most of other cities in France. For a more specific breakdown of expenses in Rennes, check the Numbeo website  or the Campus France website. 

When your registration is completed, you will receive the instructions to access the student portal and Wi-Fi connection. Two computer rooms with printers are accessible to students. 
Through the University’s wi-fi connection, laptops can be used anywhere in the building.

The IGR-IAE Rennes coordinates a network of French students who are willing to welcome our international new students, the buddy program is designed to help you since your very first arrival (pick up at the airport or railway station, help with accommodation paperwork, tips…) and help you get a good start in your journey in Rennes. 



Program Director

Tél. 02 23 23 31 52


Program Coordinator

Tél. 02 23 23 77 79