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Applications for the next intake are OPEN.

Program starts :
September 18, 2023 :  welcome session
Master course starts on October 2, 2023

End of academic year:
October 31, 2025  (including internship period)

The Master’s degree in Accounting and Auditing (AAA) of the University of Rennes1’s Graduate School of Management (IGR-IAE Rennes) is aimed at English-speaking students with a Bachelor’s degree in economics or management.

It combines intensive French language courses with a comprehensive academic program taught exclusively in English by French and international researchers associated with practitioners who are all experts in their field.

This program is an 18 months full-time program with a 4-month professional or research internship which can be extended to 6 months. This timeframe will give students more time to learn about France and French people, and to work in the context of French or France-based companies during the two internship periods included in the program. The new internship calendar will also be more in line with companies’ internship needs.

This full-time program is taught 100% in English in our premises located next to Rennes’ city center.

The Master of Accounting and Auditing will be organized as follows:

    • Master 1: two full semesters from October to March with a specialization in accounting and auditing and interaction with students from the other Masters in English. Optional internship or work experience is possible from April to September;
    • Master 2: Master 2 Accounting and Auditing, , with classes from October to January + 4 to 6 months of mandatory work experience or internship from February to September.

The development of international audit practices and international financial reporting standards contribute to the importance of an international focus in accounting and audit education.

The specificity of this program is to combine a comprehensive academic program, in international accounting and audit with intensive French language courses (250 hours). This allows even total beginners in French to evolve professionally and to learn more about French culture and management.

The master of Accounting and Auditing (AAA) is designed to train foreign students interested in an international career in accounting, auditing, management control and corporate finance in an English and multicultural context – in France or/and abroad. Here are a few examples of jobs aimed by the master degree and sought for by companies:

  • Financial auditor
  • Certified accountant
  • Manager consolidation
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Data controller
  • Head of Internal audit
  • Controlling & Performance Manager
  • Accounting Manager

Please note: in a process of continuous improvement, training contents is subject to possible changes.

Contents of the new 2-year program are being edited. Sorry for the inconvenience


Master 1

Master 2: Accounting and Auditing Track (AAA)


Admission requirements

The Master of Business Administration – Accounting and Auditing is an English-taught Master program, leading to a Master’s degree fully accredited by the French state.
Students should hold a Bachelor’s or a business school diploma in order to be eligible to apply.

Tuition fee

Overall tuition fee for the program is 9,500 €, spread as follows over the two academic years:

5,750 € for the 1st year of the program,
3,750 € for the 2nd year of the program.

Not included in this tuition fee:

  • 92€ for CVEC tax (Student and Campus Life Contribution)
  • Accommodation, living and transport expenses

Admission procedure


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